Our Vision


ACP is one of the leading IT providers in Germany and Austria, serving businesses, government agencies, and organizations of all sizes.

Our success is driven by the competence, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer proximity, local presence, and the ability to quickly adapt to our customers' requirements.

By delivering excellent services and solutions, built on proven IT standards, cutting-edge technology from our partners, and professional processes, we enhance the profitability of our clients.

ACP Values

ACP Unternehmerisch denken

Thinking and acting entrepreneurially

The history of ACP is shaped by entrepreneurial thinking and action. Our federative corporate structure and open entrepreneurial culture shape our actions by treating ACP resources as if they were part of our own company. While we see ourselves as part of a whole, individuality holds great value at ACP. We expect all our employees to have a clear commitment to delivering results and finding solutions. The concerns of our customers are so important to us that we are always ready to go the extra mile in terms of providing exceptional service.

Offen für neues

Open to new possibilities – seizing opportunities

The IT industry is constantly redefining itself. This potential for innovation fascinates and inspires us. We embrace new approaches because they allow us to take a leading role in our market. Change is a positive force for us because we understand its importance in our long-term success. For us, change is never an end in itself, but an essential process to improve what is already good. Our openness to new ideas opens up new perspectives for our personal growth, in line with lifelong learning.

Wertschätzung und Respekt

Embracing Appreciation and Respect

At our core, we believe in valuing every individual as a unique personality, acknowledging their contributions, and approaching them with a positive mindset. We place great emphasis on trust, credibility, and authenticity in everything we do. We adhere to local laws and all relevant legal regulations, and consistently demonstrate loyalty, commitment, and responsibility towards our company and clients. Fairness, open communication, and a constant sense of appreciation form the foundation for our collective success.

Teamwork macht uns stark

The Power of Teamwork

Teamwork, to us, means listening to one another, working across departments and functions to achieve common goals, and celebrating successes together. Our reliability is evident in how we interact with each other, handle our tasks, and serve our customers. We take responsibility, act consistently, and deliver on our promises. We value speaking up about what we perceive and place great importance on constructive feedback. We view open and proactive feedback as a form of appreciation, as it allows us to continuously evolve and improve.

Nachhaltig Agieren

Sustainable Action - Shaping the Future

Sustainability defines our long-term approach as a company, as we always act responsibly towards the economy, the environment, and society. We work together to achieve the long-term success of our business. To reach this goal, we make timely investments, particularly in the training and development of our leaders and employees. We foster partnerships and place great importance on close relationships with our customers and strategic suppliers.

ACP Compliance
& Code of Conduct

As professionals in the IT industry, we are well acquainted with the commonly used English terms and abbreviations such as MDM, VDI, EUC, DaaS, and more. These are the IT topics that we must and want to engage with from a professional perspective.

Not only in the world of IT, but also in the realm of business management, there are terms like ESG, Governance, and Compliance that have been receiving increasing attention in recent years. The focus here is always on how to ensure sustainable, socially valuable, and fair business practices. Within these areas, employers often document numerous commitments, establish rules, and communicate comprehensive control and reporting processes, along with corresponding sanctions.

At ACP, we operate based on values and primarily with a sense of self-responsibility. The long-standing success of ACP and our experiences support this approach. At the same time, we recognize the demands from both lawmakers and our partners and customers to formalize our code of conduct. With the newly presented ACP Code of Conduct, we meet these demands and provide guidance for our employees, partners, and customers.

The foundation of the Code of Conduct is built upon ACP's values, supplemented by our commitments in the areas of environment, social responsibility, and fair corporate governance. These areas raise awareness about risks such as corruption, competition and antitrust laws, data protection, and IT security. They illustrate how each of us can avoid risks for ourselves and the company through our behavior.

I am convinced that with the ACP Code of Conduct, we maintain our self-determined and value-oriented actions. At the same time, we provide ourselves and our surroundings with a clearer understanding of what we stand for and the principles that guide our actions.

Rainer Kalkbrener

CEO, ACP Group Austria